The DCC Team Competition is going to be Mayhem

Written by Brian Friend

“The Dubai Crossfit Championship Team competition is going to be MAYHEM!” Rich Froning said on a recent Instagram post. Froning acknowledged his 'dad joke', but also said: “In all seriousness, I’m pretty excited to be programming for the Team division and to come hangout to watch the competition.” The 4 time CrossFit Games Team champion will be responsible for programming the Team division at DCC this year, something team athletes are probably excited to learn.

Last year, as the inaugural Sanctionals competition, the DCC introduced a Team division. It was a fairly exclusive, 10-team field, which was full of past Games competitors. Four of those teams eventually qualified for the CrossFit Games last season (Invictus, Central Beasts, Pro 1, and Invictus X), while members of two others (Omnicide and JACL) also competed on teams at the Games.

The DCC took a risk last year in programming team events which allowed individuals on those teams to shine and show their prowess in different ways. The format for some of these workouts received criticism as being too individually based, while other workout formats became commonplace at other Sanctioned events as the season unfolded. There’s nothing wrong with trying something new, and in the first year of team programming, as the first competition in a newly structured season, the timing to experiment with those ideas made sense.

As a competition that is always striving to provide the best experience for athletes and fans, the Dubai CrossFit Championship decided to include RIch Froning as the programmer for the team division this year.

Froning’s background in exercise science is well-known by those who have followed him for a long time, but if you’re relatively new to the CrossFit space you may be surprised to learn that he actually studied exercise science in college. He is much more well-known now for his 10 consecutive trips to the CrossFit Games, his 4 back to back individual first place finishes, and more recently winning 4 out of the last 5 affiliate cups at the Games. The only two years in which Rich wasn’t atop the podium in his respective division he was just slightly off to the side, in second place.

In addition to the success he has had at the Games, Froning excels as a programmer for individuals and teams in his hometown of Cookeville, Tennessee. Athletes from around the country, and around the world, have migrated to the rural town because of his presence there. He won the CrossFit Games year after year with teammates who have exceeded their potential otherwise, and has a stable of capable athletes who have thrived under his guidance in recent years.

The DCC has always been a draw for athletes because of its prize pool; and this year will be no different. In addition to lucrative opportunities for individuals, the event directors and sponsors have ensured that teams have similarly enticing incentives to participate. Last year, in the final event, teams, like the individuals, were given the chance for $30,000 with an event win. While we don’t know if there are any hidden possibilities to win big like that this year, we do know that significant winnings are on the line once again this December. Check out the payouts for Teams for the Online Qualifier and Finals here.

The inclusion of an experienced, qualified programmer like Rich Froning will only enhance what was already expected to be an extraordinary event and experience for teams who earn the right to compete at the Finals in Dubai this season.

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