Fittest in Dubai Documentary

The 2018 Dubai CrossFit® Championship was a four-day CrossFit, Inc. Sanctionals competition that took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates 12-15 December 2018, with the goal of bringing together athletes from around the world to compete in the spirit of fitness.

The Dubai CrossFit® Championship (DCC), previously known as DFC, has been attracting athletes of the highest caliber since its initiation in 2012 and continues to provide the excitement and challenge sought by athletes internationally, in the heart of the world’s favorite city.

Produced by Dubai Film LLC, Fittest in Dubai is a 60 min documentary film tracing the action and athletes in Dubai during the first Sanctionals event in the world. The competition resulted in the rewarding the first place male and female with a guaranteed qualification to the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games®.

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